Question: The Internet Use data file on the text CD contains

The Internet Use data file on the text CD contains data on the number of individuals in a country with broadband access and the population size for each of 33 nations. When using population size as the explanatory variable, x, and broadband subscribers as the response variable, y, the regression equations is predicted broadband subscribers = 4,981,673 + 0.0308 population
a. Interpret the slope of the regression equation. Is the association positive or negative? Explain what this means.
b. Predict broadband subscribers at the (i) minimum population size x value of 7,019,731, (ii) at the maximum population size x value of 1,330,257,143.
c. For the United States, broadband subscribers = 73,206,000, and population = 310,232,863. Find the predicted broadband use and the residual for the United States. Interpret the value of this residual.

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