The inventory of Bent Dent Grocery was destroyed by
The inventory of Bent & Dent Grocery was destroyed by a tornado on October 6 of the current year. Fortunately, some of the accounting records were at the home of one of the owners and were not damaged. The following information was available for the period of January 1 through October 6:
Beginning inventory, January 1 ......... $ 138,000
Purchases through October 6 .......... 650,000
Sales through October 6 ............ 1,050,000
Gross margin for Bent & Dent has traditionally been 30 percent of sales.

a. For the period ending October 6, compute the following:
(1) Estimated gross margin.
(2) Estimated cost of goods sold.
(3) Estimated inventory at October 6.
b. Assume that $15,000 of the inventory was not damaged. What is the amount of the loss from the tornado?
c. If Bent & Dent had used the perpetual inventory system, how would it have determined the amount of the inventory loss?

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