The ISO commercial crime coverage form can be used to insure specific crime exposures of most business firms. Assume that you are a risk management consultant. For each of the following losses, identify an appropriate insuring agreement that would have covered the loss.
a. Jennifer owns a restaurant and is taking the daily cash receipts to the bank. While walking to her car, she is confronted by a person with a gun and is told to hand over the cash. Fearing for her life, she surrenders the money.
b. Travis owns a large supermarket. After the store closed, a burglar broke into a locked safe and stole several thousand dollars.
c. Rebecca is a cashier at a 24-hour convenience store. In the early morning, a drug addict confronts her with a knife and threatens her with bodily harm if she does not give him all the cash in the cash drawer.
d. Kevin is the manager of a retail store that sells lamps and lighting accessories. A company audit reveals that a long-time accountant had embezzled several thousand dollars.
e. Josh sells merchandise over the Internet. A thief hacked into his business computer and transferred company funds to another party.

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