Question: The Jonesburgh County Basketball Conference JCBC is an amateur basketball

The Jonesburgh County Basketball Conference (JCBC) is an amateur basketball association. Each city in the county has one team as its representative. Each team has a maximum of 12 players and a minimum of 9 players. Each team also has up to three coaches (offensive, defensive, and physical training coaches). During the season, each team plays two games (home and visitor) against each of the other teams. Given those conditions, do the following:
a. Identify the connectivity of each relationship.
b. Identify the type of dependency that exists between CITY and TEAM.
c. Identify the cardinality between teams and players and between teams and city.
d. Identify the dependency between coach and team and between team and player.
e. Draw the Chen and Crow’s Foot ERDs to represent the JCBC database.
f. Draw the UML class diagram to depict the JCBC database.

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