The Journal of Accountancy has published a series of articles that address different aspects of disaster recovery and business continuity planning:
1. Gerber, J. A., and Feldman, E. R. 2002. “Is Your Business Prepared for the Worst?” Journal of Accountancy (April): 61-64.
2. McCarthy, E. 2004. “The Best-Laid Plans,” Journal of Accountancy (May): 46-54.
3. Myers, R. 2006. “Katrina’s Harsh Lessons,” Journal of Accountancy (June): 54-63.
4. Phelan, S., and Hayes, M. 2003. “Before the Deluge – and After,” Journal of Accountancy (April): 57-66.
5. Drew, J., and Tysiac, K. 2013. “Preparing for Disaster,” Journal of Accountancy (May): 26-31.
a. Read one or more of these articles that your professor assigns. For each article assigned by your professor, complete the following table, summarizing what each article said about a specific COBIT 5 management practice (a particular article may not address all the listed management practices):

b. What point(s) did the article(s) raise that were surprising to you?Why?

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