Question: The Journal of Human Stress Summer 1987 reported on a

The Journal of Human Stress (Summer 1987) reported on a study of the “psychological response of firefighters to chemical fire.” It is thought that the complete second-order model
E(y) = β0 + β1x1 + β2x21 + β3x2 + β4x1x2 + β5x21x2
y = Emotional distress
x1 = Experience (years)
x2 = 1 if exposed to chemical fire, 0 if not
will be adequate to describe the relationship between emotional distress and years of experience for two groups of firefighters: those exposed to a chemical fire and those not exposed.
a. How would you determine whether the rate of increase of emotional distress with experience is different for the two groups of firefighters?
b. How would you determine whether there are differences in mean emotional distress levels that are attributable to exposure group?

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