Question: The Kalo Fertilizer Company produces two brands of lawn fertilizer Super

The Kalo Fertilizer Company produces two brands of lawn fertilizer—Super Two and Green Grow—at plants in Fresno, California, and Dearborn, Michigan. The plant at Fresno has resources available to produce 5,000 pounds of fertilizer daily; the plant at Dearborn has enough resources to produce 6,000 pounds daily. The cost per pound of producing each brand at each plant is as follows:

The company has a daily budget of $45,000 for both plants combined. Based on past sales, the company knows the maximum demand (converted to a daily basis) is 6,000 pounds for Super Two and 7,000 pounds for Green Grow. The selling price is $9 per pound for Super Two and $7 per pound for Green Grow. The company wants to know the number of pounds of each brand of fertilizer to produce at each plant in order to maximize profit.
a. Formulate a linear programming model for this problem.
b. Solve the model by using thecomputer.
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