Question: The Kyle Sports Medicine facility is a not for profit health care

The Kyle Sports Medicine facility is a not-for-profit health care facility that is trying to determine what transaction information should be included in its calculation of the performance indicator it uses to report its results of operations. Indicate whether each of the following transactions being considered should be included in the operating performance indicator by circling Y for yes or N for no.
Y N 1. An unrealized gain was recorded on the facility’s trading securities.
Y N 2. Temporarily restricted contributions were received.
Y N 3. A loss on the sale of equipment was recorded.
Y N 4. Contractual adjustments to patient service revenue were recorded.
Y N 5. Fund-raising expenses were recorded.
Y N 6. The Geriatric Sports Division was classified as a discontinued operation, resulting in a net loss on operations.
Y N 7. The facility transferred cash to its parent organization.
Y N 8. A research grant to study football injuries was received from a local sports club (research is not part of Kyle’s normal activities).
Y N 9. A gain on the sale of unrestricted investments was recorded.
Y N 10. Taxes were paid on unrelated business income.

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