Question: The large shipments of Mix RW balloons sold by Thibodaux

The large shipments of “Mix RW” balloons sold by Thibodaux Wholesale Party Supply are supposed to contain equal numbers of red and white balloons. Before a shipment is sent off, a quality control inspector takes a random sample of 200 balloons from the shipment and counts the number of balloons in the sample that are red. Your job is to set up a hypothesis test to test a null hypothesis that exactly 50% of the balloons in the shipment— no more and no less— are red. The significance level for the test will be .05.
a. Show the null and alternative hypotheses.
b. Suppose a particular sample of 200 contains 112 red balloons. Compute the pvalue for the sample result and explain what it means.
c. Use the pvalue from part b to decide whether you will reject the null hypothesis. Explain your decision.

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