The last four teams of the Southeast region of the
The last four teams of the Southeast region of the 2011 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament were Butler (located in Indiana), Brigham Young University (located in Utah), Florida, and Wisconsin. The sports Web site asked visitors of the site which team would win the Southeast region. Nationwide results are depicted on the map that follows. It was reported that 44% of the more than 3300 Indiana resident respondents believed Butler would win the regional, and 78% of the more than 5600 Wisconsin resident respondents believed Wisconsin would win.
a. What are the estimated margins of error associated with the Indiana and Wisconsin polls?
b. Explain why the percentages within Indiana and Wisconsin vary so drastically from the nationwide percentages displayed in the figure.
c. It was reported that between 42.3% and 45.7% of Indiana residents believed Butler was likely to win. What type of potential bias prevented these results from being representative of the entire population of Indiana residents?
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