The Legal Environment Dimension Do the UCC s rules concerning collateral
The Legal Environment Dimension
Do the UCC’s rules concerning collateral descriptions encourage parties to enter security agreements? Why or why not?

What If the Facts Were Different?
Suppose that Angell had listed only the cows’ names and not their ear- tag designations. Would the result have been different? Explain.

In 2006, Jeanne Angell sold fifty- eight dairy cows to Richard and Amanda Baker. Angell gave the Bakers a certificate of registration for each cow. Each certificate gave the cow’s name, provided a diagram with the animal’s distinctive markings, and identified Angell as a former owner. In 2008, the parties executed a security agreement, and Angell attempted to perfect her security interest by filing a financing statement. Both documents identified the cows by name and by their ear tag identification numbers. The Bakers then sold twenty- two of.

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