Question: The level of a particular pollutant nitrogen oxide in the

The level of a particular pollutant, nitrogen oxide, in the exhaust of a hypothetical model of car, the Polluter, when driven in city traffic has approximately a normal distribution with a mean level of 2.1 grams per mile (g/m) and a standard deviation of 0.3 g/m.
a. If the EPA mandates that a nitrogen oxide level of 2.7 g/m cannot be exceeded, what proportion of Polluters would be in violation of the mandate?
b. At most, 25% of Polluters exceed what nitrogen oxide level value (that is, find the 75th percentile)?
c. The company producing the Polluter must reduce the nitrogen oxide level so that at most 5% of its cars exceed the EPA level of 2.7 g/m. If the standard deviation remains 0.3 g/m, to what value must the mean level be reduced so that at most 5% of Polluters would exceed 2.7 g/m?

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