Question: The LIFO method assumes that the costs of the latest

The LIFO method assumes that the costs of the latest items bought or produced are matched against current sales. Usually, this assumption materially improves the matching of current costs against current revenue.
In the United States, LIFO is accepted GAAP as it is in some other countries. IFRS does not allow LIFO.
LIFO is used in many industries in the United States. In some industries, 50% or more of the firms use LIFO.
For some United States companies, their LIFO reserve account is very material. Some companies with substantial LIFO reserves are as follows:

In the United States, if LIFO is used for federal taxes, then it must be used for financial reporting. Many firms that use LIFO would likely not use LIFO except for this conformity requirement.
During periods of rising prices, the firm should benefit on taxes as long as the inventory does not decline. The tax benefit may be reduced or eliminated if inventory quantities decline and old lower costs are matched against current sales.

a. If the United States firms adopt IFRS, what implications will this have for United States firms that use LIFO?
b. Assume that the United States tax rate is 40% including federal, state and local income taxes. What is the potential tax liability ( in total) for the firms listed in thiscase?
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