Question: The local university has developed an eight step process for screening

The local university has developed an eight-step process for screening the thousands of admissions applications it gets each year. The provost has decided that the best way to take a first cut at all these applications is by employing a line process. The following table shows the times and pre decessors for the various tasks:

a. Draw a precedence diagram for the tasks. Suppose the university needs to process 30 applications an hour during the peak season. What is the takt time? What is the theoretical minimum number of workstations?
b. Develop workstation assignments by using the "largest eligible task" rule.
c. How many workstations does your solution re quire? What is the cycle time for the line? What is the idle time? What are the percent idle time and the efficiency delay?
d. In theory, what is the fastest cycle time possible, given the tasks listed above? How many applications per hour does this translate into?

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