Question: The Luxnet division of the WSH Corporation publishes college textbooks

The Luxnet division of the WSH Corporation publishes college textbooks. Luxnet employs about 20 senior editors, each of whom manages the production of several different textbooks. In the production of a textbook, editors usually request several manuscript reviews from different college professors, with each professor being paid a fee for the service. Each senior editor is given a yearly budget that is to be spent for manuscript reviews. Senior editors select professors whom they think will provide useful reviews. Requests for manuscript reviews are made by sending a letter that specifies the general terms and the fee to be paid. If the professor agrees to perform a review, a signed copy of the letter is returned to the editor. The editor then forwards the manuscript to the professor for review. When the professor’s review is received, the editor sends a memo to accounts payable indicating the account number charge, the professor’s name and address, and the amount to be paid. Accounts payable prepares a check for the amount indicated and forwards it to the editor for delivery to the professor.

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