Question: The main sections of the SCF are shown below with

The main sections of the SCF are shown below with letter identification. Next, several transactions are given. Match the transactions with the SCF sections by entering a letter in each blank space. Assume loans and notes receivable are long- term investments not related to operating activities. State other assumptions or explanations, if needed.
A. Cash inflows (outflows) from operating activities (indirect method of presentation)
B. Cash inflows (outflows) from investing activities
C. Cash inflows (outflows) from financing activities D. None of the above
1. Cash dividends declared but not paid
2. Repurchase and retirement of common shares
3. Stock dividend declared and distributed to common shareholders
4. Proceeds from issuing bond payable
5. Sale of plant assets at a loss
6. Purchase of long- term investment
7. Purchase of a 30- day treasury bill with excess cash 8. Issuance of the company’s own common shares, for cash
9. Acquisition of a building through a finance lease with no money changing hands at the inception of the lease
10. Acquisition of plant equipment assets; paid cash
11. Increase in prepaid expenses
12. Depreciation expense
13. Payment of debt, 90% cash and 10% common shares issued
14. Sale of land at a loss; proceeds will be received in the next fiscal year
15. Decrease in rent payable

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