The manager of a car wash received a revised price list from the vendor who supplies soap, and a promise of a shorter lead time for deliveries. Formerly the lead time was four days, but now the vendor promises a reduction of 25 percent in that time. Annual usage of soap is 4,500 gallons. The car wash is open 360 days a year. Assume that daily usage is normal, and that it has a standard deviation of 2 gallons per day. The ordering cost is $ 30 and annual carrying cost is $ 3 a gallon. The revised price list (cost per gallon) is shown in the following table:
Quantity Unit Price
1– 399 .......... $ 2.00
400– 799 ......... 1.70
800 + ........... 1.62
a. What order quantity is optimal?
b. What ROP is appropriate if the acceptable risk of a stockout is 1.5 percent?

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