The manager of a diner wants to reevaluate his staffing needs depending on variations in customer traffic during the day. He collects data on the number of customers served along with four dummy variables representing the morning, afternoon, evening, and night shifts. The dummy variable Morning equals 1 if the information was from the morning shift and 0 otherwise; other dummy variables are defined similarly. The accompanying table shows a portion of the data; the entire data set, labeled Diner_Shifts, is available on the text website.

a. Estimate a regression model using the number of customers as the response variable and the shift dummies as the explanatory variables.
b. What is the predicted number of customers served during the morning, afternoon, evening, and night shifts?
c. Estimate the appropriate model to determine, at the 5% significance level, if the diner is busier in the afternoon than at othertimes.

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