Question: The manager of a large office intends to conduct a

The manager of a large office intends to conduct a work sampling of the time the staff spends on the telephone. The observations will be taken over a period of 50 workdays. The office is open five days a week for eight hours a day (use 0: 00 to 7: 59). Although the study will consist of 200 random observations, in this problem you will be asked to determine times for 11 observations. Use random numbers from Table.
a. Determine times for 11 observations. For days, read sets of two- digit numbers going across row 4 from left to right (e. g., 16 32 15 46 . . .), and do the same in row 5.
b. For hours, read one- digit numbers going down, using the first digit of column 1 (e. g., 6 4 3 1 . . .).
c. For minutes, read two- digit numbers going up column 4 using the first two digits ( e. g., 30 46 10 . . .), and then repeat for the second two digits going up column 4 (e. g., 95 66 39 . . .).
d. Arrange the combinations chronologically by day, hour, and minute.
e. Assume March 1 is a Monday and that there are no holidays in March, April, or May. Convert your observation days to dates in March, April, and May.

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