Question: The managers of Green Springs Bottled Water have launched a

The managers of Green Springs Bottled Water have launched a new environmental assessment program. The first step in the program is to conduct a pilot study of the material flow in one of the company’s bottling plants. The plant produces bottled water that is delivered to retail stores in cases of plastic bottles. Plant operations include the following activities:
1. Filtering the water
2. Making pre-forms (small test-tube like plastic containers) from plastic pellets
3. Producing bottles by inserting the pre-forms into molds and filling them with very hot air
4. Filling the bottles with filtered water
5. Installing bottle caps
6. Labeling the bottles
7. Testing the product
8. Assembling cardboard bases
9. Placing bottles on the cardboard and wrapping them with plastic film
10. Putting the packaged bottles on pallets
11. Delivering pallets on trucks to retail stores
12. Cleaning the plant and equipment
13. Maintaining and repairing the production equipment
14. Putting plastic waste materials in a bin
15. Voluntarily collecting used bottles from retail stores
16. Delivering plastic waste materials and used bottles to a plastic recycling company
17. Performing administrative functions such as plant management, logistics, purchasing, accounting, and human resources.

A. For each activity (1 through 17):
1. Provide an example of an input material that is likely to be used during the activity.
2. Determine whether at least some of the input materials for the activity would be classified as positive product (as opposed to waste and emissions). Explain briefly.
B. How might activity 15 (voluntarily collecting used bottles from retail stores) contribute to sustainable management?

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