Question: The MBA program at Westmore University has undergone several dramatic

The MBA program at Westmore University has undergone several dramatic changes over the past five years. During this time, the goal of the business school was to recruit as many students as possible into the MBA program in order to build up their student base and credit hour production. A massive campaign was launched five years ago in order to attract more applicants to the program.
Wayne McDonald’s assistant gathered the data for the past two years of experience with the Westmore MBA program and the information is stored in the WESTMORE data file. The Data Description section provides a partial listing of the data along with definitions of the variables. Using this data set and other information given in the case, help Wayne McDonald and the MBA Admissions Committee in their quest to develop better admissions guidelines for the Westmore MBA program. The case questions will assist you in your analysis of the data. Use important details from your analysis to support your recommendations.
Data Description
The data for the Westmore MBA admissions case are contained in the WESTMORE data file. The file contains data for the 202 students who completed their first year in the MBA program over the past two years. A partial listing of the data is shown below.
Undergraduate School Rating is a qualitative measure broken down into four variables:
Case Questions
1. The committee wishes to use first-year MBA grade point average as its measure of the quality of a student. As a first step in assisting committee members, construct a correlation matrix and briefly discuss the information it contains that could be of help to the committee members. If they were to choose only one variable in predicting the first-year MBA GPA, which variable would you recommend? Do you think it would be a good idea to evaluate applicants on the basis of only this one variable?

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