The MCAT is a standardized test used by medical schools in the admissions process. The scale of this exam ranges from 3 to 45. A new type of review course for the MCAT was developed by a training company. The following table shows MCAT scores for nine students before and after taking the review course. These data can also be found in the Excel file MCAT. xlsx.
a. Perform a hypothesis test using α = 0.05 to determine if the average MCAT score is higher for students after the review course when compared with before the course.
b. Approximate the p value using Table 5 in Appendix A and interpret the result.
c. Verify your results using Excel. Mac users can rely on PHStat for this procedure.
d. Identify the p value using Excel and interpret the result.
e. What assumptions need to be made in order to perform this procedure?

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