Question: The Millbridge High School Student Association MHSSA is planning a

The Millbridge High School Student Association (MHSSA) is planning a fund- raising event for the spring semester. The MHSSA is planning to hire the Dizzy Gillespie Heritage Band as entertainment for a fee of $ 750. The Fine Arts Museum was selected as the site for the event. The Museum will charge the MHSSA $ 600 for the use of its banquet room. Good Eats Restaurant was selected to cater the event. Good Eats will charge the MHSSA a flat fee of $ 400 and a $ 20 per meal charge.
1. The MHSSA expects 250 students and alumni to attend its spring fund- raising event. What is the minimum (break-even) ticket price for the event?
2. The MHSSA is considering two ticket prices, a $ 25 price for students and a $ 75 price for alumni. If three students are expected to attend the event for each alumni how many students and alumni must attend the spring fund-raising event if it is to break even?

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