Question: The music on an Apple iPod can be stored digitally

The music on an Apple iPod can be stored digitally in several formats. A popular format for Apple is known as AIFF, short for Audio Interchange File Format. Another format is known as AAC, short for Advanced Audio Coding. Files on an iPod can be in either of these formats or both. The 596 songs in this dataset use a mixture of these two formats.
(a) Based on the scatterplot of the amount of space needed on the length of the songs, propose a model for how much space (in megabytes, MB) is needed to store a song of a given number of seconds.
(b) Evaluate whether your model meets the conditions of the MRM so that you can do confidence intervals.
(c) Interpret the estimated slopes in your model.
(d) Construct, if appropriate, a prediction interval for the amount of disk space required to store a song that is 240 seconds long using AAC and then AIFF format. How can you get intervals? (Be imaginative: The obvious approach has some problems.)

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