Question: The National Football League NFL holds its annual draft of

The National Football League (NFL) holds its annual draft of the nation's best college football players in April each year. Prior to the draft, various sporting news services project the players who will be drafted along with the order in which each will be selected. The better players are selected earlier in the draft. For the 2009 draft, the colleges from the Southeastern Conference (SEC) and the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) were projected to have the most players who would be selected during the first round (Sport Projection website, March 15, 2009). The player's college and the projected draft position for seven players from each conference are as follows.
Using the projected draft position as an indicator of preference the NFL teams have for the two conferences, use the MWW test to determine if there is any difference between the NFL preferences for players from these two conferences? Use α = .05. What is the p-value? What is your conclusion?

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