Question: The National Gang Crime Research Center NGCRC has developed a

The National Gang Crime Research Center (NGCRC) has developed a six-level gang classification system for both adults and juveniles. The six categories are shown in the accompanying table. The classification system was developed as a potential predictor of a gang member's propensity for violence in prison, jail, or a correctional facility. To test the system, the NGCRC collected data on approximately 10,000 confined offenders and assigned each a score from the gang classification system. One of several other variables measured by the NGCRC was whether or not the offender had ever carried a homemade weapon (e.g., knife) while in custody. The data on gang score and homemade weapon are summarized in the table below and saved in the GANGS file. Conduct a test to determine whether carrying a homemade weapon in custody depends on gang classification score. (Use a = .01.) Support your conclusion with a graph.

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