The national highway system is made up of interstate and non interstate highways. The Federal Highway Administration reported the number of miles of each type in each state. Listed is a random sample of 20.
Define “ratio I/N” to be number of interstate miles divided by number of non interstate miles.
a. Inspect the data.What do you estimate the “average” ratio I/N to be?
b. Calculate the “ratio I/N” for each of the 20 states listed.
c. Draw a histogram of the “ratio I/N.”
d. Calculate the mean “ratio I/N” for the 20 states listed.
e. Use the total number of 20-state interstate and noninterstate miles to calculate the “ratio I/N” for the combined 20 states.
f. Explain why the answers to parts d and e are not the same.
g. Calculate the standard deviation for the “ratio I/N” for the 20 states listed.
h. Use the dataset indicated to answer the questions in parts b through g using all 51 values.

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