Question: The National Occupant Protection Use Survey NOPUS was conducted to

The National Occupant Protection Use Survey (NOPUS) was conducted to provide probability-based data on motorcycle helmet use in the United States. The survey was conducted by sending observers to randomly selected roadway sites where they collected data on motorcycle helmet use, including the number of motorcyclists wearing a Department of Transportation (DOT)-compliant helmet (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website, January 7, 2010). Sample data consistent with the most recent NOPUS are shown below.

a. Use the data to compute the probability that a motorcyclist wears a DOT-compliant helmet.
b. The probability that a motorcyclist wore a DOT-compliant helmet five years ago was .48, and last year this probability was .63. Would the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration be pleased with the most recent survey results?
c. What is the probability of DOT-compliant helmet use by region of the country? What region has the highest probability of DOT-compliant helmetuse?

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