Question: The net weight per bag of a certain brand of

The net weight per bag of a certain brand of corn chips is listed as 10 ounces. The weight of chips actually dispensed in each bag by an automated machine, when operating to specifications, is a normal random variable with mean 10.5 ounces and standard deviation .25 ounce. A quality control inspector will randomly select 1,500 bags from the automated process and measure the weight of each bag precisely. Ideally, all of the bags should contain at least 10 ounces of corn chips. However, if at least 97% of the bags contain 10 ounces or more, the process is considered “under control” and no adjustments to the machine are deemed necessary. Assess the likelihood that the quality control inspector will find fewer than 97% of the bags with 10 ounces or more even if the process is “under control.”

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