The OASDI program pays disability benefits to a disabled worker and eligible family members. Explain whether each of the following persons would be eligible for disability-income benefits. In each case, assume that the disabled worker is disability-insured. Treat each situation separately.
a. A worker, age 22 who is injured in an auto accident and is expected to return to work within three months.
b. The disabled worker's spouse, age 35, who is caring for a dependent child under age 16; the disabled worker is currently receiving benefits.
c. The disabled worker's daughter, age 16, who is attending high school full-time.
d. A chemistry professor, age 50, who can no longer teach because of chronic laryngitis but can work as a research scientist for a drug company.
e. A worker, age 40, with a crushed foot who expects to be off work for at least one year.

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