Question: The October bank statement of Blake s Hamburger just arrived from

The October bank statement of Blake’s Hamburger just arrived from First National Bank.
To prepare the bank reconciliation, you gather the following additional data:
a. The following cheques are outstanding at October 31:
Cheque No. Amount
800 ...... $402
802 ..... 74
806 ..... 36
809 ..... 161
810 ..... 229
811 ..... 48
b. On October 31, Blake’s Hamburger’s treasurer deposited $381, but this deposit does not appear on the bank statement.
c. The bank statement includes a $410 deduction for cheque #1668 written by Danson Freight rather than Blake’s Hamburger. Blake’s Hamburger notified the bank of this bank error.
d. Blake’s Hamburger’s Cash account shows a balance of $11,200 on October 31.
1. Prepare the bank reconciliation for October 31.
2. Record the entries called for by the reconciliation. Include an explanation for each entry.

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