Question: The OECD Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development consists of

The OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) consists of advanced, industrialized countries that accept the principles of representative democracy and a free market economy. For the nations outside of Europe that are in the OECD, the table shows UN data from 2007 on the percentage of seats in parliament held by women and female economic activity as a percentage of the male rate.
a. Treating women in parliament as the response variable prepare a scatter plot and find the correlation. Explain how the correlation relates to the trend shown in the scatter plot.
b. Use software or a calculator to find the regression equation. Explain why the y -intercept is not meaning ful.
c. Find the predicted value and residual for the United States. Interpret the residual.
d. With UN data for all 23 OECD nations, the correlation between these variables is 0.56. For women in parliament, the mean is 26.5% and the standard deviation is 9.8%. For female economic activity, the mean is 76.8 and the standard deviation is 7.7. Find the prediction equation, treating women in parliament as the response variable.

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