The One Product economy which produces and sells only personal computers (PCs), expects that it can sell 500 more or 12,500 PCs next year. Nominal GDP was $20,000,000 this year and the money supply was $7,000,000. The central bank for the One Product economy is planning to increase the money supply by 10 percent next year.
a. What was the average selling price for the personal computers this year?
b. What is the expected average selling price next year for personal computers if the velocity of money remains at this year’s turnover rate? What percentage change in price level is expected to occur?
c. If the objective is to keep the price level the same next year (i.e., no inflation), what percentage increase in the money supply should the central bank plan for?
d. How would your answer in Part c change if the velocity of money is expected to be three times next year?

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