The online article Social Networks Facebook Takes Over Top Spot
The online article “Social Networks: Facebook Takes Over Top Spot, Twitter Climbs” (, February 9, 2009) included the accompanying data on number of unique visitors and total number of visits for January 2009 for the top 25 online social network sites. The data on total visits and unique visitors were used to compute the values in the final column of the data table, in which
a. A dotplot of the total visits data is shown in Figure EX-1.23a. What are the most obvious features of the dotplot? What does it tell you about the online social networking sites?
b. A dotplot for the number of unique visitors is shown in Figure EX-1.23b. In what way is this dotplot different from the dotplot for total visits in Part (a)? What does this tell you about the online social networking sites?
c. A dotplot for the visits per unique visitor data is shown in Figure EX-1.23c. What new information about the online social networks is provided by this dotplot?
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