The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development provided the following mean weekly instruction times (hours) for elementary and high school students in various countries: 22.2 (United States); 24.8 (France); 24.2 (Mexico); 26.9 (China); 23.8 (Japan). Use the five given times for the following.
a. Find the mean.
b. Find the median.
c. Find the range.
d. Find the standard deviation.
e. Find the variance.
f. Use the range rule of thumb to identify the range of usual values.
g. Based on the result from part (f), are any of the times unusual? Why or why not?
h. What is the level of measurement of the data: nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio?
i. Are the data discrete or continuous?
j. There is something fundamentally wrong with using the given times to find statistics such as the mean. What is wrong?

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