The Otter Creek Winery produces three kinds of table wine-a blush, a white, and a red. The winery has 30,000 pounds of grapes available to produce wine this season. A cask of blush requires 360 pounds of grapes, a cask of white requires 375 pounds, and a cask of red requires 410 pounds. The winery has enough storage space in its aging room to store 67 casks of wine. The winery has 2,200 hours of production capacity, and it requires 14 hours to produce a cask of blush, 10 hours to produce a cask of white, and 18 hours to produce a cask of red. From records of previous years' sales, the winery knows it will sell at least twice as much blush as red and at least 1.5 times as much white as blush. The profit for a cask of blush is $12,100, the profit for a cask of white is $8,700, and the profit for a cask of red is $10,500. The winery wants to know the number of casks of each table wine to produce. Formulate and solve an integer programming model for this problem.

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