The paper The Shelf Life of Bird Eggs Testing Egg
The paper “The Shelf Life of Bird Eggs: Testing Egg Viability Using a Tropical Climate Gradient” (Ecology [2005]: 2164–2175) investigated the effect of altitude and length of exposure on the hatch rate of thrasher eggs. Data consistent with the estimated probabilities of hatching after a number of days of exposure given in the paper are shown here.
a. Plot the data for the low- and mid-elevation experimental treatments versus exposure. Are the plots generally the shape you would expect from “logistic” plots?
c. Using your best-fit line from Part (b), what would you estimate the proportion of eggs that would, on average, hatch if they were exposed to cloud forest conditions for 3 days? = days?
d. At what point in time does the estimated proportion of hatching for cloud forest conditions seem to cross from greater than 0.5 to less than 0.5?
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