Question: The partnership of Frick Wilson and Clarke has elected to

The partnership of Frick, Wilson, and Clarke has elected to cease all operations and liquidate its business property. A balance sheet drawn up at this time shows the following account balances:

Part A
Prepare a predistribution plan for this partnership
Part B
The following transactions occur in liquidating this business:
1. Distributed cash based on safe capital balances immediately to the partners. Liquidation expenses of $8,000 are estimated as a basis for this computation.
2. Sold noncash assets with a book value of $94,000 for $60,000.
3. Paid all liabilities.
4. Distributed cash based on safe capital balances again.
5. Sold remaining noncash assets for $51,000.
6. Paid actual liquidation expenses of $6,000 only.
7. Distributed remaining cash to the partners and closed the financial records of the business permanently. Produce a final statement of liquidation for this partnership using the predistribution plan to determine payments of cash to partners based on safe capital balances.
Part C
Prepare journal entries to record the liquidation transactions reflected in the final statement ofliquidation.

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