Question: The pie chart in Figure 2 26 shows the percentage distribution

The pie chart in Figure 2.26 shows the percentage distribution of ages (i.e., the percentages of all prostate cancer patients falling in various age groups) for men who were recently diagnosed with prostate cancer.
a. Are more or fewer than 50% of these patients in their 50s? How can you tell?
b. Are more or fewer than 75% of these patients in their 50s and 60s? How can you tell?
c. A reporter looks at this pie chart and says, “Look at all these 50-year-old men who are getting prostate cancer. This is a major concern for a man once he turns 50.” Explain why the reporter cannot necessarily conclude from this pie chart that there are a lot of 50-year-old men with prostate cancer. Can you think of any other way to present these cancer cases (both graph and variable) to determine if the reporter’s claim is valid?

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