Question: The Placement Office at the University of Tennessee has taken

The Placement Office at the University of Tennessee has taken a simple random sample of 64 seniors from the large senior class at UT in order to estimate the average number of job interviews that UT seniors have schedule
d. The sample average is 3.4 interviews; the sample standard deviation is 1.6 interviews. Based on these results, answer the following true-false questions. Explain your reasoning:
a. In order to build a proper interval estimate of the over-all senior class average, the class distribution of scheduled interviews would have to be approximately normal.
b. A 90% interval estimate based on these sample results would be twice as wide as a 45% interval.
c. Your best estimate of the class standard deviation here would be 0.2 interviews.
d. Based on sample results, it would be appropriate to conclude that 95.5% of all seniors would report that they had scheduled between 3 and 3.8 interviews.
e. If you repeated this sampling procedure over and over again, each time selecting a sample of 64 seniors and computing a sample mean, you would expect approximately 68.3% of these sample means to be within .2 interviews of the actual senior class mean.

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