The plaintiff is a Connecticut limited liability company [ a form of business organization] * * * , which constructed a luxury home at 4 Pan Handle Lane in Westport [ Connecticut] ( the property). * * * The defendant [Robert Olins] expressed an interest in leasing the property from the plaintiff for a period of one year. In pursuit of that interest, he submitted an application proposing to rent the property from the plaintiff at the rate of $ 12,000 per month, together with an accompanying financial statement. The plaintiff responded to the defendant’s proposal by preparing a draft lease for his review, which the defendant promptly forwarded to his attorney.
1. What is the objective theory of contracts?
2. How did the objective theory of contracts affect the result in this case? Explain.
3. The defendant never moved into the house. Why then did the court find that he breached the lease?
4. On finding that the defendant breached the lease, what did the court impose as a sanction? How was this determined?

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