The plan of reorganizing for Taylor Companies Inc was approved
The plan of reorganizing for Taylor Companies, Inc., was approved by the court, stockholders, and creditors on December 31, 20X1. The plan calls for a general restructuring of all of Taylor’s debt. The company’s liability and capital accounts on December 31, 20X1, are as follows:

Accounts Payable (postpetition) ..... $ 30,000
Liabilities Subject to Compromise:
Accounts Payable ............ 80,000
Notes Payable, 10%, unsecured ...... 150,000
Interest Payable ............ 40,000
Bonds Payable, 12% ......... 200,000
Common Stock, $1 par ........ 100,000
Additional Paid-In Capital ........ 200,000
Retained Earnings (deficit) ........ (178,000)
Total ............... $622,000

A total of $30,000 of accounts payable has been incurred since the company filed its petition for relief under Chapter 11. No other liabilities have been incurred since the petition was filed. No payments have been made on the liabilities subject to the compromise that existed on the petition date. Under the terms of the reorganization plan:
1. The accounts payable creditors existing at the date the petition was filed agree to accept $72,000 of net accounts receivable in full settlement of their claims.
2. The holders of the 10 percent notes payable of $150,000 plus $16,000 of interest payable agree to accept land having a fair value of $125,000 and a book value of $85,000.
3. The holders of the 12 percent bonds payable of $200,000 plus $24,000 of interest payable agree to cancel accrued interest of $18,000, accept cash payment of the remaining $6,000 of interest, and accept a secured interest in the company’s equipment in exchange for extending the term of the bonds for an additional year at no interest.
4. The common shareholders agree to reduce the deficit by changing the stock’s par value to $2 per share and eliminating any remaining deficit after recognition of all gains or losses from the debt restructuring transactions specified in the plan of reorganization. The deficit will be eliminated by reducing additional paid-in capital.

a. Prepare a recovery analysis for the plan of reorganization, concluding with the total recovery of each liability and capital component of Taylor Companies.
b. Prepare the journal entries to account for the discharge of the debt and the restructuring of the common equity in fulfillment of the plan of reorganization.

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