The Plastic Flowerpots Company has two manufacturing departments, molding and packaging. At the beginning of the month, the molding department has 2,000 units in inventory, 70% complete as to materials. During the month, the molding department started 18,000 units. At the end of the month, the molding department had 3,000 units in ending inventory, 80% complete as to materials. Units completed in the molding department are transferred into the packaging department.
Cost information for the molding department for the month follows:
Beginning work in process inventory (direct materials). . . . $ 1,200
Direct materials added during the month. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27,900
Using the weighted-average method, compute the molding department’s
(a) Equivalent units of production for materials
(b) Cost per equivalent unit of production for materials for the month. (Round to two decimal places.)

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