The press release titled Nap Time pewresearch org July 2009 described
The press release titled “Nap Time” (, July 2009) described results from a nationally representative survey of 1488 adult Americans. The survey asked several demographic questions (such as gender, age, and income) and also included a question asking respondents if they had taken a nap in the past 24 hours. The press release stated that 38% of the men surveyed and 31% of the women surveyed reported that they had napped in the past 24 hours. For purposes of this exercise, suppose that men and women were equally represented in the sample.
a. Use the given information to fill in observed cell counts for the following table:
b. Use the data in the table from Part (a) to carry out a hypothesis test to determine if there is an association between gender and napping.
c. The press release states that more men than women nap. Although this is true for the people in the sample, based on the result of your test in Part (b), is it reasonable to conclude that this holds for adult Americans in general? Explain.
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