Question: The process for renewing a driver s license in Palm Beach

The process for renewing a driver’s license in Palm Beach County, FL is as follows:
1. The Clerk fills out the application with the customer to insure all the blanks are filled correctly. (Five minutes)
2. The clerk takes the driver’s license photo. (One minute)
3. The typist types in all information. (Seven minutes)
4. The processor (a machine) processes the information and prints the driver’s license with the digital photo and hologram. (1 minutes)
5. The customer pays for his/her license (13 minutes)
a. If the county has hired two clerks, three typists, and one payment clerk where is the likely bottleneck going to be? How many drivers can be processed in one hour if the clerks and typists work at 95% capacity utilization (stopping only to go to the bathroom)
b. If 40 drivers are to be processed each hour, how many clerks and typists should be hired assuming a target rate of 80% capacity utilization?
c. Because it is a county job, it is a MAJOR pain in the butt to hire new people. How can you reduce or eliminate the bottlenecks without having to hire new people.

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