Question: The Pullman Mfg Inc three station work cell illustrated in fi

The Pullman Mfg., Inc. three-station work cell illustrated in figure S7.8 has two machines at station 1 in parallel. (The product needs to go through only one of the two machines before proceeding to station 2.) The manager, Ms. Hartley, has asked you to evaluate the system if she adds a parallel machine at station 2.

(a) What is the process cycle time of the new work cell?
(b) What is the system process time of the new work cell?
(c) If the firm operates 8 hours per day, 6 days per week, what is the weekly capacity of this work cell?
(d) How did the addition of the second machine at workstation 2 affect the performance of the work cell from Problem S7.12?
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