Question: The Regal Tire Company claims that its new eco friendly tires

The Regal Tire Company claims that its new eco-friendly tires last, on average, longer than the leading premium tire. The company reports that in a test involving 200 randomly selected Regal tires and 200 premium tires, the Regal tires lasted an average of 46,514 miles, with standard deviation of 3,250 miles. The tires in the premium sample lasted an average of 45,854 miles, with a standard deviation of 2,412 miles. Are these sample results sufficient to establish Regal’s claim? That is, are sample results sufficient to reject a skeptical “Regal is no longer lasting” null hypothesis? Use a 5% significance level.
a. Show the null and alternative hypotheses.
b. Compute the pvalue for the sample result and report your conclusion.

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