Question: The regulations of the board of health in a particular

The regulations of the board of health in a particular state specify that the fluoride level must not exceed 1.5 parts per million (ppm). The 25 measurements given here represent the fluoride levels for a sample of 25 days. Although fluoride levels are measured more than once per day, these data represent the early morning readings for the 25 days sampled.
a. Determine the range of the measurements.
b. Dividing the range by 7, the number of subintervals selected, and rounding, we have a class interval width of .05. Using .705 as the lower limit of the first interval, construct a frequency histogram.
c. Compute relative frequencies for each class interval and construct a relative frequency histogram. Note that the frequency and relative frequency histograms for these data have the same shape.
d. If one of these 25 days were selected at random, what would be the chance (probability) that the fluoride reading would be greater than .90 ppm? Guess (predict) what proportion of days in the coming year will have a fluoride reading greater than .90 ppm.

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