Question: The report Older Driver Involvement in Injury Crashes in Texas

The report “Older Driver Involvement in Injury Crashes in Texas” (Texas Transportation Institute, 2004) included a scatterplot of y = fatality rate (percentage of drivers killed in injury crashes) versus x = driver age. The accompanying data are approximate values read from the scatterplot.
b. Using Table 5.5 and the ladder of transformations in Figure 5.38, suggest a transformation that might result in variables for which the scatterplot would exhibit a pattern that was more nearly linear.
c. Reexpress x and/or y using the transformation you recommended in Part (b). Construct a scatterplot of the transformed data.
d. Does the scatterplot in Part (c) suggest that the transformation was successful in straightening the plot?
e. Using the transformed variables, fit the least-squares line and use it to predict the fatality rate for 78-yearold drivers. 1.893

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