Question: The residents of Bitten Missouri insist that something be done

The residents of Bitten, Missouri, insist that something be done to keep stray dogs off the street. They do not appreciate the hazards to health and safety caused by strays. Howell Greatdane, head of the Animal Control Service at Bitten, is trying to come up with policy recommendation that will lead to catching and impounding more strays. He has access to data collected from a random sample of 500 Animal Control Services across the country. He regresses dogs caught by an animal control service last year (Y) on the budget of the animal control service (X1) and the number of city ordinances pertaining to dogs (X2). He obtains the following results:
 = 212 + .015X1 + 138.7X2
sb = .012 51.4
R2 = .52 Sy|x = 77.3
Analyze these results for Greatdane and provide policy recommendations to Bitten to increase the number of dogs impounded.

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